prevent the common cold through natural nose cleaning

It’s already October…

I would like to talk to you about a habit that I have been doing for a while now, because now is the perfect moment to start something new &/ make changes.

Have you ever heard about Neti Jala?

If you already use a salty water bomb/spray to clean your nostrils, you know what I’m talking about, however let’s see how the nose cleansing benefits are important everyday and how to make your own solution (ecological bonus).

We are used to doing it more often in spring when allergies irritate the nasal area but it is interesting and practiced everyday by some people. The benefits are for everyone, whether you are exposed to pollution or not, for adults and children since the action goes beyond the simple cleaning.

Why should you put salty water in your nose?

Because it cleans, purifies, detoxifies, as well as preventing infections, it helps to be in pretty good health.
Mucous membranes are often dry because of heat, AC, using tissues. Maintaining humidity in this zone allows the proper functioning of the nasal system and thus protects the entire ENT area (ears, sinuses, throat). That means less diseases like colds, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis,…
And because it decongests, it also prevents headaches.
And often, anything that cleans and purifies also has a positive effect on the immune system.

How often?

Daily, 1/day to start and more frequently in case of congested sinuses.

Why is it better to make your own salt solution?

First of all it is ultra easy. Second you can choose your ingredients (your salt) and avoid the preservatives in industrial products.
Last but not least it’s economical and ecological (absolutely nothing to throw away).

As you know, changes won’t happen without our own changes, it’s true that an already made spray is convenient but it doesn’t really help the planet nor us.

What do you need?

A neti lota, a kind of Aladdin lamp that you clean just with water before and after each use.

How to do it?

1/ Lock the door of the bathroom if you’re not alone.
2/ Fill your Aladdin flask with the salty solution then insert the tip into the right nostril and tilt your head to the left side over the lavatory. Breathe through the mouth, let the water flow gently and come out through the left nostril. It seems weird to read (to do too eh…) and the first time it may burn but don’t stop, this sensation disappears just after the first time, trust me.
Once the container is empty blow your nose, forcefully exhale through your nose as much as necessary.
Do the same on the other side.

I won’t make a video because it’s really not sexy but it can make you beautiful (from the inside) so take the tips!

Below, how to make your salty water:

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Salty water for nose cleansing (Jala neti)
To use daily with a Neti Lota to maintain health and heal nasal infections
Salty water for nose cleansing (Jala neti)
Salty water for nose cleansing (Jala neti)
  1. Boil water with salt and that's it!
  2. Pour the solution in a glass bottle sanitised (soaked in boiled water for a while).
  3. When it's warm (ideally at body temperature) fill in your Aladdin lamp.

Keep the rest in the glass bottle and use fast (2-3 days).

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